Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence in Men

Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence in Men

Erectile Dysfunction

Though it is quite frustrating to know that you have Erectile Dysfunction, it is usually easy to tackle this sexual health disorder.

For treating impotence in men, your doctor will examine your current health conditions, medical history, and other health concerns first. Next, they’ll try to figure out the potential cause of erectile dysfunction. Based on your requirements, they may prescribe an oral medicine, suggest ED therapies, or recommend a combination of approaches for combating impotence.

In most cases, Erectile Dysfunction can be treated with the help of oral medicines only. They’re the most affordable & effective approaches for impotence. Hence, if you agree to this then keep reading. You’ll find some of the very popular oral medicines for reversing the symptoms of ED in males.

Erectile Dysfunction Medicines

Before you set your hopes high, let us make it clear that Erectile Dysfunction medicines cannot cure impotence. They’re capable of minimizing the effects of impotence for as long as you’re taking these medicines. Once you stop using them, your symptoms will reappear.

Currently, FDA-approved ED medicines are widely popular among young and elderly males. They’re excellent substitutes for brand medicines. Also, they’re relatively affordable & equally effective. This is the reason they’re called generics. Here are the common ingredients you’ll find in brand medicines as well as generic ED medicines.

All of these active ingredients are Phosphodiesterase Type-5 inhibitors. They work by boosting blood circulation in the male genitals. Erectile dysfunction occurs due to a lack of blood circulation in the penis. So, these medications work to overcome the shortage of blood supply in the male genital organs. Hence, it is extremely convenient for getting & keeping an erection even after ejaculating once.

Currently, men prefer using prescription drugs only and these are the prescription medicines easily available online.

Which ED Medicine Is The Best?

You can call these medicines first-line treatments for ED. However, each of them differs a bit and so it is difficult for laymen to decide which one is the best. So, let us share a brief regarding each of them. Have a look!

  • Sildenafil

This ED medicine has been available since 1998. You know it already by its popular brand name Viagra. It has been approved by the FDA to be sold as a generic. Sildenafil takes any time between 30 minutes and 1 hour to become effective in the bloodstream. It can then remain effective for 5 to 6 hours. Sildenafil is used as an active ingredient in Tadarise, Aurogra, Vilitra, Malegra, Suhagra, etc.

  • Tadalafil

It is known for its long-lasting effectiveness for up to 36 hours. Many men call it a weekender too. It is available as both Cialis and generic Tadalafil OTC drugs too. Typically, it starts working within an hour of usage and lasts for around 36 hours straight. If you want to buy Tadalafil then it is available as TadalistaTadagra, etc.

  • Vardenafil

Levitra is the brand name for Vardenafil. Just like the other PDE-5 inhibitors, it starts working within an hour. However, it can last longer than other active ingredients of ED medicines.

  • Avanafil

Avanafil is a newer addition to ED medicines. It works within 15 to 30 minutes only. Moreover, it is known for fewer side effects than its variants. It is sold under the brand name Stendra.

Confused about what to buy? See your doctor today! You’ll need medical guidance for using the right ED medicine.

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