Return & Refund

Once you finalize the order that is before the payment page or process, we will send you a mail confirming the order details that contain all the specifications of the medicines and their prices.

Now, after this, you are supposed to process the order and make the payment online. Once your order is successfully placed you will receive a final acknowledgment confirmation from our end with the final order value and the excepted time for delivery.

This email may have all the shipping details in Addition to the deadline of when to expect the shipping. This email will have a “connect with us” choice, so could monitor the order manually by building a telephone.

The order can be shipped to the home and the work address, whatever the customer favours. There’s an alternative for registered airmail that’s somewhat pricey but is much more protected in character.

If under any circumstances, we are unable to place your order or place a partial order due to stock being sold out of our inventory then the same will be mentioned in the final acknowledgment bill from our end.

Any order that is missing is reshipped or reimbursed. When there’s a delay in getting the arrangement, it’s essential to examine it to the client’s attention within seven weeks from the day it’s sent to the client. A refund or reshipment for your arrangement dropped is done just as soon as it’s reported. Any report that’s created in 8 weeks won’t be refunded or accepted.

Cancellation of the products is possible only under the following circumstances:

  • If the product is out of stock
  • If the buyer exceeds the maximum quantity of the purchase allowed.
  • Cancellation of the order by customer. 
  • Non-payment 
  • Disputes and grievances. 

We cannot be held liable for the delay that has been caused in the customs department as such delays are beyond our control. Usually, once the customs check is complete your package will be shipped to the local courier office from where the local dispatch procedure begins.

If you receive an order that is damaged in any way, or if you don’t receive your order at all, we will ship you another package. If you would rather us give a refund, we will refund your entire amount at your request. For this process, we will ask to wait 30 days from when the order had been shipped. If within the 30 days, you still have not received the order, or even if you haven’t seen any notifications that your order was returned or on hold, we kindly ask you to send us a support ticket in our refund section. We will take care of any support tickets in a timely manner.

If you by any chance have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Safe Generic Pharmacy is here to please each one of our customers. Our customers are our top priority.

We will refund for any product if we have received the goods back from you promptly and the product can be resold. The products need to be unused, unopened, with an expiry date of more than 3 months.

The shipping is done within 24 to 48 hours after the order is placed. The time taken to deliver the product depends on the courier service. In case the custom holds an order, it may take around 21 days to reach you. It is essential to contact us in case the order is not reached within 7 days of placing the order.

Remember that the customs check can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks so keep in hand additional time for this.

If the received order is in any way or not received at all, the refund is made, or the product is reshipped to you again. This usually depends on the call made by the buyer and can be refunded or reshipped as according to the choice made by them. Before a buyer can apply for a refund, they are required to wait for the minimum of 30 days from the day the order is placed. If there are any questions regarding the order or the product in general, offer telephonic support to each one of you. The refund policy holds eligible for everyone if the product that is sent back to us can be resold. The only requirement is that the product should be sealed as it is, unused and unopened and should not exceed the expiry date of it.

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