Senior Sex – How it is Different from Sex at a Younger Age?

Senior Sex – How it is Different from Sex at a Younger Age?


Sex is a wonderful part of life regardless if you’re young or old. A lot of senior citizens believe that falling in love is a fun adventure. With advantages including enhanced self-worth, better sleep, and increased well-being, it enables people to improve their quality of life.

Do you know? Senior sex can boost an individual’s health and bliss. This could be the reason why adults between 65 and 80 years see sex as a necessity.

As per a report, 76% of people agreed that making love at any age is a crucial aspect of a romantic relationship. Needless to say, sexual intimacies and individual experiences with sex can vary with age. For instance, the way you enjoy sex during your 30s will be different from that you have during your 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Talking about how senior sex differs, we have a few points to discuss.

Physical Challenges

A lot of changes are going on in your body as you age. Be it a man or woman, seniors tend to have more mental health issues than the young generation. Still, it is possible to manage and overcome the physical health barriers that are hindering intimacies.

Senior men usually experience low testosterone levels. Their orgasms are less powerful and don’t last long. Moreover, full or partial erectile dysfunction is common at this age. Though oral remedies like Super Vidalista, Tadalista, Cenforce, Fildena, etc. can be consumed for lead-normalized sex drive, such sexual dysfunction is a matter of concern.

Senior women are mostly affected by low hormone levels. Additionally, physical changes like vaginal dryness and less elasticity can make penetration more painful than pleasurable. Vaginas mostly get thinner during elderly age.

Besides such gender-based physical changes, seniors may have other health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, etc. that have a major influence on poor sex drives. Similarly, ongoing medicines can contradict ED medicines or s*x drive boosters for women (like Cenforce FM 100). Thus, so many factors play a huge role in making it a hit or miss.

Sexual Positions

When your heart says to have intimacy but your physique isn’t allowed during elderly age, what should you do? Seniors need to find their comfortable positions and try switching to new positions while having s*x during the 60s or 70s. Most seniors have back and knee problems. So, here are some positions you should give a try.

  • Chair
  • Spooning
  • Missionary Plank

Changing the Routine

Lovemaking can get boring and predictable, especially for senior couples. However, you can make efforts and change this mindset. Break your normal routine and you can discover a whole new level of excitement in your sex life. Something as normal as picking a new time for the day can make a difference. For instance, find out the best time when you’re most active and energetic. It could be the first half of your day or afternoon. You may feel tired and sleepy as the evening arrives. So, make sure you make the most out of your morning routine.

Here are a few suggestions that you may try:

  • New positions
  • Change the room or location where you make love
  • Try physical intimacy without penetration i.e. oral s*x
  • Role reversal
  • Fantasy role play

You can share your feelings with your partner and understand their situation too. Learn what their wishes are and how you can fulfill them. After all, sex is more about enjoying each other by making sure you have fun together and achieve satisfaction individually.

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