Poxet 90 Mg

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  • Poxet 90 Mg

    Poxet 90 Mg


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      Poxet 90 Mg

      Poxet 90 Mg


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      What is Poxet 90 mg?

      Poxet 90 mg is a medication that prolongs your happiness in bed by postponing ejaculation. It is a drug that can help you postpone your ejaculation and is ideal for treating premature ejaculation difficulties.

      Poxet 90 mg pills should only be used under the supervision of a doctor. The brand name, sometimes known as Priligy, is a widely used medication.

      It contains the generic chemical Dapoxetine, which is an SSRI inhibitor.

      Who manufactures Poxet 90 mg?

      Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. has the production rights for the Poxet 90mg pills, which is a well-known and recognizable name in the Indian pharmaceutical business.

      It is a leading manufacturer of the SSRI chemical Dapoxetine, which is sold under the brand name Priligy.

      Poxet 90mg is only manufactured and developed in India. The company’s products have a strong presence in the domestic market, and they are also growing in some overseas markets.

      What Are The Applications Of Poxet 90 mg?

      Poxet 90mg tablets will provide you with hours of pleasant sex sessions. It is a medication that allows you to extend the duration of your orgasm and ejaculation.

      The drug’s generic name is Dapoxetine, an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) that helps you extend the period before ejaculation.

      Unlike other ED medicines, the Poxet 90 mg pill is not used to improve sexual performance or get stronger erections.

      It can only benefit people who have strong erections but have a shorter ejaculatory time.

      Dosage of Poxet 90 mg

      Each dose of Poxet 90mg contains 60 mg of dapoxetine hydrochloride salt.

      This is a slightly greater dose that is administered to people with moderate to severe premature ejaculation issues.

      In terms of frequency of use, one pill is usually sufficient for a day’s worth. If you take generic Priligy Dapoxetine Poxet 90 mg in more than one pill per day, you will quickly become aware of the adverse effects.


      When you overdose on Poxet 90mg dosages, your adverse effects will range from minor to severe, depending on your capacity to adjust to Priligy dosages.

      The daily dose must be such that it does not cause an overdose. Consider consulting with a doctor for the finest recommendations.

      Overdose is also determined by how much active dapoxetine you have taken. Assume two people are present, both on a recommended dose of Poxet 30 mg, but one overdoses by taking 60 mg and the other by taking 90 mg.

      As you can see, the first person overdosed on 60 mg, whereas the second person took 30 mg. If they are as adaptable as Generic Dapoxetine, the first one should have more severe adverse effects.

      Missed a dose

      Missing a dose of Poxet 90 might have serious consequences. If you skip a dose, you may have adverse effects similar to the withdrawal symptoms of the tablets.

      The medication only works if one takes a regular dosage of generic Dapoxetine every day.

      Other Strengths of Poxet 90 mg

      The Poxet brand is offered in a variety of dosages. The 90 mg dose is one of the higher variation dosages. This is only the second-highest dose of the active ingredient generic dapoxetine.

      There are two doses available below: Poxet 60 mg and Poxet 30 mg. Above the 90 mg dose for the Poxet brand, there is just one dose available: the Poxet 120 mg dose.

      Side effects

      • Headache
      • Dizziness
      • Sleepiness
      • Drowsiness
      • Sleep problems
      • Insomnia
      • Erectile dysfunction
      • Lower libido
      • Rashes
      • Itching
      • Palpitations
      • Tremors

      When Not To Take Poxet 90 Mg (Dapoxetine):

      • Have you ever noticed any allergies or hypersensitivity to it?
      • Do you have any heart difficulties or blood pressure issues?
      • Are you a woman or a child?

      Poxet 90 uses include:

      Poxet Tablets, which are well-known for treating Premature Ejaculation, contain Dapoxetine as the major constituent.

      Premature ejaculation occurs when a male ejaculates earlier than normal.

      Despite little to no sexual excitement, it is an involuntary ejaculation that can occur before, during, or shortly after penetration.

      PE can be treated with medication, counseling, or a combination of the two.

      Dapoxetine can be used in conjunction with Sildenafil to treat both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.


      Alcohol is a strongly contraindicated substance with generic Priligy Dapoxetine. Alcohol consumption should be avoided, as any other beverage containing alcohol can be harmful.

      Similarly, narcotic medicines may strongly contradict generic dapoxetine and should not be used immediately within the actionable period.

      Furthermore, doctors typically advise you to avoid driving after taking your regular daily dose due to general onset symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and tiredness, which might impair your driving skills and lead to an accident.


      To investigate probable indications, seek information from the doctor or the product label of a medicine’s counter leaflet.

      Storage Conditions

      The greater temperature range should be 25 degrees Celsius with minimal humidity. On the other hand, a temperature of less than 10 degrees can be harmful.

      To guarantee that the pills last as long as feasible, keep the humidity levels as low as possible.

      What if you take too much Poxet 90 mg?

      Taking an excessive amount of Poxet 90 pill can result in an overdose, therefore you must be careful not to consume more generic dapoxetine than you require.

      How does Poxet 90mg work?

      Buy Poxet 90mg Online, also known as Poxet or Priligy, is an SSRI inhibitor. The generic drug activating itself will prohibit the renowned serotonin hormone from reaching the brain cells. It alters the hormonal composition of brain cells, preventing the reuptake of all generated serotonin.

      This will allow you to have a longer ejaculatory time and more intense orgasms.

      How do I take Poxet 90mg?

      Poxet 90 tablets should be taken with water only. As we previously stated, the easiest way to avoid adverse effects is to avoid drugs and alcohol.

      The best thing is that you can take your daily tablets at any time of day, although only one dose per 24 hours is recommended.

      There are no dietary limitations during the pharmaceutical treatment of PE & ED with Poxet 90mg, which is good news for patients.

      What are the most common drug interactions?

      There are various groups of medications, including specific brand names and generic compounds that may interact with Poxet 90 mg Online.

      Consult a doctor and carry all current medications to avoid contraindications.

      Why should you buy Poxet 90 mg from us?

      We are a registered seller of Poxet 90mg online tablet from the manufacturer’s perspective. Check out our gateway for incredible deals and discounts, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every purchase, regardless of price.

      We also provide home delivery, with very inexpensive shipping and courier expenses.

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        I’ve been purchasing Poxet 90 Mg from Pharmev.com for a long time. My impotence has been eliminated by this medication. If you have erectile dysfunction, you should try this medication once. This medication is effective.

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        I’ve used Pharmev.com products several times and am quite satisfied with them. It takes some time to obtain the Poxet 90 Mg medicine, but they have excellent customer care to help with any concerns. I appreciate it.

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