5 Things she is Secretly Dying for you to try in Bed

5 Things she is Secretly Dying for you to try in Bed

Warning! You’ll probably love the tips we’re about to share with this blog.

We have always seen that women lure men during intimacies. But, don’t you think it is taboo? Time has changed and men should not feel shy in making the first move. Guys, it’s time to take off your ‘lazy’ label and get active during romance. If you want that extra-special treatment then make love with extra effort. You may also make it effortless with safe sex drive boosters for men like Malegra 25mg, Vidalista Black 80mg, Fildena Professional, etc.

5 Things a Man can do for his Partner for Pleasurable Sex

1. Set the mood

Never underestimate the power of roses & candles. We aren’t talking about birthdays or anniversaries. You should not wait for any such special occasion to impress your partner. She may be planning all this for such occasions. Now, it is your turn to surprise her without any special event. Believe us; this small gesture will make her fall in love with you all over again. Don’t forget to bring a sexy gift she will wear for you!

2. Use your mouth

Men love being touched in the genital areas and blow jobs too, right? If you’ve been too lazy to only enjoy this and never touch your partner’s genitals with your mouth then what are you waiting for? Don’t let them beg for this. Touch them with your mouth and not with your hands. This increases sensitivity and kick-starts an unforgettable intimacy.

Foreplay as much as you can, they say. So, if you haven’t tried this before then now is the time to make a new move.

3. Tell her she is everything you’ve ever desired

Talking dirty could be the beginning for ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ later. If you know, you know!

Command her and tell her how beautiful she is when she least expects it. Take her down memory lane by reminding her when you enjoyed times together. Make love to her with some honest confessions that she is everything you have ever desired and no one can take her place. The renewed excitement will make for a hot intimacy and how! Thank us later.

4. Slow down

It is quite difficult to hold on to your excitement when all you want to do is penetrate. But, have you ever tried slowing down?! Explore her inch by inch and shower love with kisses. Also, enter and move out slowly for brewing excitement even more. Such little gestures will make her scream your name out loud. You never know the magic of slowing down until you try this!

5. Indulge in her fantasy

We all have some fantasies when it comes to romance. It is important to know what your partner is fantasizing about. Ask her about her ultimate fantasy and you can fulfill her naughty desires at any cost.


Sometimes, it is not about kisses and penetration, but getting closer to your partner with intimacies. Let’s not make it boring but exciting. If you have to try a male enhancer like Super Vidalista, Kamagra Effervescent, etc then do it after consulting the doctor.

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