How Long Does Erectile Dysfunction Last For Men?

How Long Does Erectile Dysfunction Last For Men?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence is a non-curable sexual dysfunction. Once you’re diagnosed with permanent signs of ED then they’ll last until you die. We know it’s a harsh truth but it is what it is! However, don’t get disappointed with the thought that you’ll never be able to gain firm erections again. In case you haven’t heard about impotence medicines then you’re missing out.

Most men suffering from impotence can reverse the symptoms of this sexual health disorder easily. All you need to find the right oral treatment for the same. Treating ED can be as simple as this and you can adapt certain lifestyle changes for faster effectiveness.

Before you expect anything from impotence medicines, let us share that ED can only be reversed or minimized. Its symptoms can never be cured permanently unless triggered by some temporary causes (side effects of some medicines, relationship issues, mental health concerns, etc).

Types of Erectile Dysfunction

Let us drill down to the basics first. ED is broadly categorized into two types:

  • Primary ED
  • Secondary ED

Primary ED is when a male is unable to achieve or sustain an erection. This medical condition is rare. On the other hand, Secondary ED happens when a male used to gain desired hardness before but is unable to attain it now. It is a common situation among men suffering from impotence.

The former case is difficult to treat while the latter can be easily reversed. Most men are suggested oral medicines like Cenforce D, Fildena 50, Kamagra, Tadalista, etc (whichever suits them). Needless to say, it is always more convenient to pop a pill and treat the underlying health issue. The ideal medicine varies from patient to patient but oral remedies work best. In case medicines don’t work (which is rare to happen) then using a penis pump, opting for surgery, etc can be picked.

How is ED Treated?

Impotence can be treated with:

  • Short-term treatments (using impotence pills for instant and long-lasting erections)
  • Address the underlying health issue (ED can be treated by diagnosing the underlying health concern)
  • Psychological treatments (chosen when impotence in males is diagnosed by some mental health disorders)

Until when can impotence last for men?

The answer to this question lies in its cause. For instance, if a man has impotence due to the side effect of some medicine then it can be treated by discontinuing the same. On the other hand, if impotence is triggered by some mental health disorder (depression, stress, anxiety, etc) then addressing that health issue can help find an effective solution for ED.

How can you reverse ED?

The easiest way for reversing impotence is to choose the best-matching ED drug as per your health conditions. Reach out to your doctor and talk about your symptoms. They’ll consider your medical history, allergies, surgeries, and existing medicinal usage before prescribing a medicine. You can then start using the impotence pill and get rid of the signs of ED respectively. Why don’t you see your doctor today instead of suffering!?

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